‘‘Hospitality is simply

an opportunity

to show love and care’’.

Boa Vida is a boutique, one-stop solution, tailored to the medical travel needs of patients, seeking high quality and affordable medical care.

Translated to “good life” in Portuguese, Boa Vida was established in 2019 and connects patients from across the world, with trusted and specialised medical care, in South Africa. This stunning location, on the southern tip of the African continent, is emerging as one of the most sought-after medical tourism destinations in the world.

With a passionate and qualified team, Boa Vida aims to provide individual patients with medical solutions, which are tailor-made to meet their medical needs and budget.

Considering the limitations of medical insurance and the high cost of medical treatments in developed nations, Boa Vida’s services allow patients to travel to South Africa for world-class care. Also, receiving treatment at a fraction of the cost, whilst experiencing the beauty of the country through our packaged tours. These tailor-made tours cater for both you and your family.

From planning the trip, arriving in South Africa, and throughout post-care treatment, Boa Vida ensures that each clients needs are taken care of, and that their recovery is speedy. 


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